Balsam Fir Christmas Trees

The Balsam Fir is known as the original Christmas tree and for good reason. It is a very attractive tree with a slightly tapered shape,  very full body, strong branches and soft needles; Making the Balsam Fir the ideal tree to decorate. What makes this tree truly exceptional is the rich unique scent. If you close your eyes and imagine what a Christmas smells like, the Balsam Fir is it.

  • Premium grade
  • Available from 6 ft to 10 ft+
  • Amazing needle retention
  • Last 6-8+ weeks indoors with proper Tree Care
  • Medium needle length  – ¾ – 1”
  • Soft needles with sturdy branches
  • Very full body
  • Deep green with light green underside


Tree Stands

Cinco tree stands have an easy lock system with and never fail quality, the most secure option for our full and heavy Christmas Trees.

Available up to 8′ and up to 10′


Enjoy a warm crackling fire Christmas Eve, or any time of the year, with our ready to burn, seasoned Canadian mix hardwood. Pick up a bag with your tree or add on to any delivery order. Face cords and bush cords also available, please contact us for more information.

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