How It Works

Order delivery online or shop in person at our outdoor Christmas Tree Market.

Order Delivery

Order Delivery

Shop In Person

1. Pick Your Tree

Choose your tree height, preferred delivery day, and address for delivery. 

2. Order

The Real Team will email your delivery costs and order details. Please confirm the order at least one day before your delivery.

3. Delivery

The Real Tree will deliver your tree to your home and collect payment for the order. 

1. Pick Your Tree

Our experienced team members are hands-on to help you pick the perfect tree and answer your questions.

2. Cut

The Real Tree will make a fresh cut on the tree stump and trim any branches you require. Don’t forget to pick up a tree stand too.

3. Wrap & Load

The Real Tree will wrap and load onto or into your vehicle for you.


Cut off the wrapping cord and fill your stand with water immediately. Check out our Tree Care page for more tips on caring for your tree.

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