Christmas Tree Care

A Real Tree Christmas Tree is easy to care for, with a few simple steps you will have a fresh beautiful tree for the entire holiday season to Care for Your Real Christmas Tree

Buy a premium quality tree from a reputable tree grower/provider. Premium quality trees are the most full and beautiful, and last the longest because they are fresh and healthy trees. Christmas trees are graded based on their quality and density, with “Premium” being the best grade available. The Real Tree only sells premium quality trees organically grown for generations by a Canadian family.

Freshly saw a ½” off the stump. The fresh cut allows your tree to soak up water and stay fresh longer. We trim, wrap, and freshly saw your tree stump when your purchase one of our real Christmas trees.

Place in a sturdy quality stand. Look for a simple, quality stand with steel hardware to secure your tree, and a generous water basin. Avoiding legs or “special” features on the stand. Although you may be tempted to buy the cheapest option or wowed by the features – these usually break. Nothing is worse than seeing your beautifully decorated tree fall over on Christmas Eve because your stand failed! A premium quality tree has very full heavy branches (unlike those scrawny supermarket trees), it requires a sturdy quality stand to secure it. Make the investment for your tree, you’ll only need to purchase it once in a lifetime. We offer quality never-fail Cinco stands in a variety of sizes to suit your tree’s needs.

Add lots of water. Although your tree has been cut and no longer has roots, it still requires water just like cut flowers. After the fresh cut the tree’s sap will “heal” itself within a few hours if it is not placed in water. You’ll be surprised at how much water your tree will soak up the first 24-72 hours. But don’t be alarmed if your tree doesn’t drink much of the water the first 24 hours – your tree has been outside in the cold wet snow and arrives to you well hydrated.

Place away from direct heat. Although our Fir trees are known to be more heat tolerant than other evergreen varieties, they still prefer cold snow-covered mountains over the dry indoor heat of your house. Placing a tree directly near a fireplace, radiator, or heating vent may shorten the indoor lifespan of your tree.

Unwrap and let settle in for 12-24 hours. Our trees come directly from the frozen Canadian mountains. They are wrapped outdoors on the fields, shipped on an open transport and are kept at our outdoor retail location until purchased. When your tree is brought into your house, it hasn’t been in the warmth since the summertime. It prefers time to acclimatize. The sap will start internally flowing to keep your tree hydrated in the dry indoors and the branches will open and settle after being wrapped. Your tree will open up fully after 24 hours allowing you to better place your decorations.

Keep the water full. If your water basin runs dry your tree will begin to heal it’s cut and lose the ability to soak up water to re-hydrate and will begin to dry prematurely. The amount of water the tree drinks will slow over time, but the tree will continue to soak up water for many weeks afterwards.

Enjoy! A premium quality Fir will last for 6+ weeks indoors.Our trees have been known to last well beyond 8 weeks and even start to regrow again when they are well hydrated and properly cared for!

Are you ready for a Real Christmas Tree? Order online or visit us in-store at 2681 Danforth Ave. Toronto ON.

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